Driver Qualification Files

The C3 Driver Qualification File Management Program helps your company, organize, standardize, and maintain your DOT- or company-required driver documentation, as well as comply with all DOT and State Regulations. Our program can be offered as a full service (performed and maintained bu our personnel), or thru our Drivertrack-r sofware that allow you to manage the information on a day-to-day, cloud based service.

In addition, our Driver Qualification program can help companies track their training programs for entry-level drivers in accordance with state and federal regulation. Inaddition, we can customize your training program to expand beyond the standard regulations.

Elements of our DQF Program:

- Automated daily notification of compliance deficiencies
- Automated, advanced notification of expiring documents
- Real time phone assistance and support by trained personnel
- Secure, level protected accessability to online software
- Electronic imaging and archiving of files … reduces& centralizes paperwork
- Electronic daily notification of compliance deficiencies
- Comprehensive compliance reporting (by location, region, driver or company, etc…)
- Provides the information you need to make effective management decisions
- Grading system capabilities to effectively monitor location progress against peers



Track your driver / employee files remotely! Assent Dynamics Driver Tracker program gives you real-time, cloud based accessability to your driver files. In addition our system will send "push" notices for expiring documents, and documents requiring attention. You will also have full access to all of your electronic archived documents.


Why Does The DOT Require So Much Information About Drivers?

It all boils down to safety. These rules were put into effect to protect companies, the driver, and the general public who have the right not to be killed or injured while traveling on our highways. Unsafe, disqualified drivers cannot be allowed to operate on public highways. DOT audits are happening right now.

What are the elements of a DQF File?

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Records Management Software

"Assent Dynamics" can manage date sensitive information (like employee and applicant paperwork) It tracks basic info like MVR's, accidents, employee history, expiration dates, speeding tickets, license suspensions, failed drug tests etc.. and its customizable to track whatever information your company needs to follow.

Consulting partners welcome!

Are you interested inbecoming a consulting partner or traininer in your area of the country? C3 has opportunities throughout the country and is expanding it's network of services. If you have experience (or interest)in the field of Federal compliance, contact us. We may have work that can be referred to you.

Carrier Insurance Information

Before beginning new or expanded interstate operations, you must contact the appropriate regulatory agencies in all states in and through which you will conduct business to obtain information regarding state rules applicable to interstate motor operations. It is your responsibility to comply with registration, fuel tax, and other state regulations and procedures.