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Companies use our DOT Mock Audit service as a pro-active action to avoid pitfalls and prepare for a real Department of Transportation (DOT) audit. This is a great way to know that your company is up to date with its processes and required documentation before it's too late. Thus, giving time to correct, train and be effective.

C3 prides itself on providing an accurate portrayal of the audit experience to its clients. Unlike the actual audit, our on-site teams invite your observation and participation at every level, from the compliance manager to the system operator, so that a total understanding of the audit activities can be achieved.

Our deliberations and discussions are open to your participation, and if there are specific focus areas you have identified, we can tailor our approach for added emphasis. Our team does extensive preparation prior to its arrival on-site, and will closely mimic the approach taken by your regulatory agency. We provide on the spot feedback for any and all presentation materials that you plan to use in the actual audit, and associated evidence, coaching for subject matter experts on the appropriateness of responses to questions asked by auditors, and a realistic reporting of your likelihood of proving compliance during an actual audit.

As with compliance assessments described above, audit results may include a presentation of the results, along with an overall report card for all standardss that are audited.

C3 goes beyond document review to include an assessment of your evidence for compliance, the internal processes you have in place to maintain compliance, and your personnel responsible for compliance.

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Schedule a "Mock" Audit or Risk Assessment to be performed at your location.Find out now if your company will pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) audit successfully. Don't wait for the Department of Transportation (DOT) to fine you.

Needs Assessment & Notation.

Our staff consultants can conduct mock audits at your location using the same protocol and techniques as the DOT inspectors. We can observe your operation in action to assess risk or short-comings in your program. Or, if you prefer, we can perform abbreviated audits remotely utilizing your provided information. At the conclusion of your mock audit, we will provide you with the same style of documentation that you would receive in an actual DOT audit. You will also receive an action plan and report to remedy fine-able offenses

ALREADY received a notice of DOT audit or fine?

C3 can provide assistance with current and pending audits by helping you prepare the right documentation for reporting. We can also help with action planning should your company be cited or fined.

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