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C3 has been managing DOT Compliance Programs throughout the United States & Puerto Rico, for over 15 years. Our customers range from large companies with several hundred locations, municipalities and trade associates to small privately held businesses and owner operators. We have experience in covering programs for all modalities of the Department of Transportation.

Services for customers range from start-up DOT compliance and application, to full service day-to-day program management; including File management, training and pre/post auditing.

- Consulting and Policy Development Service
- Risk assessment / evaluation
- Employee policy review and development
- Drug and Alcohol File Auditing and Management
- Initial program audit
- Ongoing document auditing and retention, & managemnt
- Periodic Systems auditing
- Random Drug Pool Management for drug & alcohol testing
- Consortium management (if needed)
- Medical Review Officer Services
- Mock audits
- Third-Party Administration (TPA) Services
- Statistical reporting
- Pre and post DOT Audit Support
- Document Management (Electronic archival)



Systems Auditing & Mock Audits.C3 goes beyond document review to include an assessment of your evidence for compliance, the internal processes you have in place to maintain compliance, and your personnel responsible for compliance.

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Contact Us.1.800.765.8418

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Program / Needs Assessment.

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Plan Development.

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Consulting partners welcome!

Are you interested inbecoming a consulting partner or traininer in your area of the country? C3 has opportunities throughout the country and is expanding it's network of services. If you have experience (or interest)in the field of Federal compliance, contact us. We may have work that can be referred to you.

Records Management Software

"Assent Dynamics" can manage date sensitive information (like employee and applicant paperwork) It tracks basic info like MVR's, accidents, employee history, expiration dates, speeding tickets, license suspensions, failed drug tests etc.... and its customizable to track whatever information your company needs.

Random Programs

The first step is to contact us, and submit a list of the names and ID's for each driver you want to add to the selection pool. Once you have paid the enrollment fee for your company, C3 will send you a validation certificate and begin quarterly random selections as required by 49CFR Part 40