C3 Offer a full menu of services for assistance in Regulatory requirements and compliance. Most of our services can be offered at your physical location or remotely from our corporate offices. (Click on a link below for more information)


Vehicle Records Management."C3 offers a complete document management solution for handling your vehicle and maintenance files . It includes DOT mandated forms to simplify the file management process for your Federally Regulated Modality. This service can be administered on an "on-going basis" by our trained personnel or managed by the company thru our software system "Assent Dynamics".


Benefits of using C3

- Reduce Risk & Liability Exposure

- Improve Accuracy of Regulated Data

- Lower Costs Associated with Fines & Litigation

- Simplify Monitoring & Training

- Increase Compliance and Fleet Safety

- Reduce Paperwork with Paperless Data Storage

- Lower Audit Risk & Gain Long Term Security

- Maximize Efficiencies

- Reduce Staff and Management Time

- Stay current with regulatory requirements

special services


Records Management Software

"Assent Dynamics" tracking software can manage date sensitive information (like employee and applicant paperwork) It tracks basic info like MVR's, accidents, employee history, expiration dates, speeding tickets, license suspensions, failed drug tests etc.... and its customizable.

IFTA Fuel Tax Service

During our mock audits, our on-site teams invite your observation and participation at every level, so that a total understanding of the audit activities can be achieved. We can also assist with corrective action programs from official audits or notices.

Driver Qualification Records "DQF" Management

Our File Management Program helps your company, organize, standardize, and maintain your DOT- or company-required compliance documentation, as well as comply with all DOT and State Regulations.